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At Leeds City Interiors we design our fitted kitchens, fitted bedrooms and fitted bathrooms to our customer’s requirements. Using the latest Articad design software, which contains manufacturer supplied graphics, we can produce quality images of your design. This is invaluable when you are making those very important decisions of colour, style, materials, handles, tiles etc.

Articad Visualisation

We will take your brief of the cabinets and appliances which you would like and where you would prefer them to be. We will then use this to plan the layout, adding our experience and expertise to make the best use of your space . Our plan will show you where things will fit and we change this is your prefer another layout. The design software allow us to reduce errors and your to make the right choices.

Leeds City Interiors Articad Plan

A benefit of the Articad design is that we can show you your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom from various perspectives, as the plan is produced in 3D. The image below shows a birds-eye view of the kitchen above. Instantly you will be able to see the space utilisation and effectiveness of the design.

Articad Design - Bird's Eye View